Drone Services

Drone Services Program

The Rebuild Paradise Foundation is now offering Drone Services to the Design Professional firms serving Camp Fire affected properties.  We recognize that access to current data and leveraging technology will deliver incremental savings in the long term recovery of our community. We are thankful to our partners; Drone Deploy, DJI, Gen-Pac and Smart-Net for the ability to bring this technology forward.

Our Drone Services are offered complimentary to allow Design Professionals the opportunity to increase their design efficiency that translates in savings to the property owner. Utilizing RTK drone technology & photogrammetry, we can provide residential Architects, Engineers and Designers with access to the following:

  • Updated Aerial Imagery (Orthomosaics)*
  • Topographical Contours*
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Distance and Volume Estimating Tools*
  • Multitude of Design Exports*

If you are a Design Professional (Architect, Engineer, Residential Designer) and would like to learn more or schedule a complimentary flight of an upcoming project, please email and put the words, “Drone Services” in the subject line.

All flights will require, a signed Drone Imagery and Mapping Agreement on file.  You can find this document downloadable below. Further, properties with minimal canopy coverage, recent tree & vegetation removal and are easily accessed will yield the best results. We also ask that property owners notify adjacent neighbors of a planned flight date/time and the purpose of the flight.

Note: *The Rebuild Paradise Foundation does not certify in any way that the service or the corresponding products are “Survey Grade”, “Engineering Quality” and cannot be used in place of a survey, certified topographical map or other application requiring certification. If a property owner or design professional require any type of certification, they should enlist the skills of the appropriate licensed provider.

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