Septic Infrastructure Grant

Septic Infrastructure Grant



The Rebuild Paradise Foundation recognizes the Butte County community as hard-working and prideful. We have a resilient and determined middle and lower-middle class population. Even so, the devastating Camp Fire shook us and the return home seems, at times, like a daunting, impossible and expensive task. The increased costs of building and pre-construction sometimes add to the financial hurdle. As a way to give back to our community, we have partnered with donors to create the Septic Infrastructure Grant – lessening one of the costly burdens of beginning to rebuild/build a home. The intent of this grant is to provide partial relief to the cost of septic repairs/replacement for the home you will occupy or the rental you are rebuilding.

Rebuild Paradise Foundation is excited to offer the Septic Infrastructure Grant, offering two pathways, depending on income level, to qualified households building their home in the Camp Fire footprint. Depending on income level your household may qualify for a grant of up to $7,500 as payment for your septic system repairs and/or replacement expenses.

Here is the link to submit your application digitally or you can click on the Septic Infrastructure Grant Application below for more details about eligibility and to download a paper application.

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  1. I’m rebuilding on a different lot, am I eligible?
    Yes, you are eligible as long as the building address falls within the Camp Fire footprint and you have met the other grant criteria.
  2. I’m new to the area and did not live in the Camp Fire footprint on 11/8/18. I meet all of the other criteria; can I still apply?
    YES, our grant funding has reached a phase in which we have been able to open the grant criteria to households new to the Camp Fire footprint.
  3. What can I submit as proof of living in the Camp Fire footprint on 11/8/18?
    Examples of documentation that is considered “proof of residence” could include: FEMA documentation, homeowners or rental insurance claim pages, two separate 2018 dated utility bills, or a 2018 utility bill and your 2018 tax return.
  4. Can I apply if I’m rebuilding with a manufactured home?
    Yes, the grant applies to any type of residential building that requires a building permit regardless of home construction type.
  5. Can I use this grant for a rental property?
    Yes, if you meet the other grant criteria, you can apply for the Septic Infrastructure Grant to help with septic expenses at the rebuild of one rental property.
  6. What are the income requirements?
    The max income requirements are based on household size and your adjusted gross annual income. Please review “adjusted gross income” on your last tax return to see if you may qualify. The application lists the specific income criteria. PG&E settlements will NOT be included as income for qualification of this grant. Please note that the Septic Infrastructure Grant offers two “income pathways.” One eligibility pathway is for low income households, with grants available up to $7,500, and the other is for middle income households, with grants available up to $3,500.
  7. I don’t file taxes with the IRS. How else can I prove my income?
    If you don’t file taxes, please provide us with some sort of documentation showing your monthly or annual income. Examples of this could be: a letter from Social Security or IHHS, a W2, or two current bank statements showing deposit of your monthly income.
  8. After I apply, how long will the granting process take?
    Please allow for a processing time of 30-45 days once you have submitted your complete application.
  9. What happens after I submit by application?
    Your application and supporting documentation will be reviewed by Rebuild Paradise Foundation staff for verification of eligibility. If criteria is met, your application will then be reviewed by volunteer grants committee members for approval. Applicants will be contacted by Rebuild Paradise staff for grant issuance or disqualification notice if criteria is not met.
  10. I received my building permit before August 1st 2020, am I still eligible?
    According to the criteria for the grant, we can only accept receipts for residential building permits dated on or after August 1st, 2020 UNLESS construction started after August 1st, 2020. If this applies to you, please read and sign the “Construction Statement” found on the application and submit to the Rebuild Paradise Foundation with your application.
  11. Does my receipt from septic expenses need to be dated on or after August 1st, 2020 as well?
    No, there is no criteria on the date that those expenses were incurred.
  12. My contractor didn’t give me a receipt for septic work. How else can I prove that I’ve paid? If you don’t have a paid receipt and are unable to obtain one from your contractor, please send us the invoice or contract with a description of the scope of work. In addition to the invoice, you will also need to send proof of payment. This could be a check image from your bank, a bank statement showing the withdrawal, or a receipt from PayPal/Zelle/VenMo, etc.
  13. I haven’t submitted for my building permit yet – can I still apply for the grant with the septic costs that I’ve incurred?
    No, grant approval is tied to a building permit. Please hold on to your receipts and other required documentation and apply once you have applied for your permit.
  14. I have received some funding from another source to use specifically for my septic, but it didn’t cover the whole cost. Can I apply for this grant to help with the gap?
    Yes, please indicate on your application how much you received and from which source. Rebuild Paradise Foundation staff will reach out to you about additional documentation that you may need to submit.
  15. I’m ready to submit my grant application and required documents, how do I get them to Rebuild Paradise Foundation for approval?
    There are a few ways you can turn in your application: (1) Scan the application and required documents, then email to, (2) Mail the application and copies of the required documents to our office: Rebuild Paradise Foundation 6067 Skyway Suite B Paradise, CA 95969, or (3) Email for an appointment time to drop off your application in person.
  16. I don’t have a printer, how else can I apply?
    Please pick up an application from outside our office at 6067 Skyway Suite B in Paradise. If you need “in person” help with the application, please email and we will arrange an appointment for you. If you prefer to complete the grant application digitally, you can find the link above. The Rebuild Advocates at the Building Resource Center (BRC) on Skyway in Paradise can also help you print an application. You can also look for Rebuild Paradise Foundation at community events, we will have applications on hand.