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Wildfire Prepared Home

Wildfire Prepared Home

Program Overview & Scope

The first 100 Paradise Designations will be reimbursed through a grant from IBHS (Contact Town of Paradise for more information)

Wildfire Prepared Home™ was developed as a voluntary program to help homeowners protect their properties from wildfire. Based on IBHS’s Suburban Wildfire Adaptation Roadmaps, the requirements in this standard provide a comprehensive, two-tiered approach for parcel-level wildfire risk reduction. Eligible homes that meet these requirements, as verified through an inspection associated with the Wildfire Prepared Home program, will earn a Wildfire Prepared Home designation.

While designation is currently available only for single-family homes of three stories or less in California, the requirements described herein are recommended for all construction types to reduce wildfire risk. Eligibility for designation may be extended to other building types and locations in future versions of the standard.

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Available Designations

There are two designations available:

• Wildfire Prepared Home™

• Wildfire Prepared Home Plus™

To achieve a designation, a home must meet all the requirements listed for the designation level being sought, as verified by an authorized third-party and reviewed by IBHS


• Home must be located in California.

• Home must be a single-family detached home of three stories or less.

o Manufactured homes, townhomes, multifamily housing, and nonresidential buildings are not eligible for designation.

Designation Maintenance & Renewal

Once achieved, the designation is valid for a 3-year period with required annual landscape reviews, which illustrate that the monthly maintenance required to keep the parcel in compliance with this standard is being accomplished. At the end of the 3-year period, the designation is renewable with a full re-designation verifying continued compliance with the standard

Home Ignition Zone

Home Ignition Zone – The First 5 Feet Around the Home

The Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) is one of the most critical aspects of wildfire mitigation at the parcel level and includes the space from the edge of the exterior walls to a distance of 5 feet from the building footprint, as shown. Note that when decks and/or covered porches are present, the HIZ must extend around them. The HIZ must meet and maintain monthly all the following conditions:

• Ground cover must be noncombustible and maintained free of debris (noncombustible hardscape such as gravel or paving stones is recommended).

• No vegetation (trees, shrubs, bushes, plants, grass, weeds, etc.) should exist within or overhang the HIZ. Any overhanging limbs or branches from nearby trees and bushes must be trimmed back to be outside the HIZ.

• No combustible items (such as furniture, firewood, trash cans, etc.) should be stored in the HIZ.

• No boats, RVs, or other vehicles should be parked in the HIZ.

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IBHS launches first wildfire mitigation designation program in California.

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