Interactive Survey & Topographical Map

Access to specific types of mapping and details can help our community collaborate efforts, organize resources, save money and stay informed. Thanks to a partnership with the Geographic Information Center at CSU, Chico and our funding partners, we bring you the interactive map below that shows a high level of ground contouring (topography), parcel information and public survey data. All information contained in this map is for reference only. Parcel and survey data is from public data sources. ***Note: Accuracy and locations of property lines, property corners and ground contours are for reference only and should not be used to locate, assume property location or properties exact physical characteristics.  Please contact a licensed surveyor or civil engineer to verify property information.***

Parcel Survey Status Layer – If this box is checked, you are viewing highlighted properties that have turned in their certificates of Survey with the Town of Paradise for a building permit.  Click on any highlighted property to find out which survey company conducted the survey.  Any submissions to the Town of Paradise with in the last month, may not be updated yet.  If your property has been surveyed and is not showing, please email to report this.

Contour Lines (2ft) – If this box is checked, you are viewing topography with 2 ft counter intervals.  This data may be useful to your architect/engineer/designer or builder for helping with elevation profiles on your construction plans. Note** Due to the high volume of data related to the advanced contours, please allow the 2ft contour line map layer 15-30 seconds to load and refresh.

Special Permit Zones – If this box is checked, you are viewing areas within the Town of Paradise that have special survey requirements.  If your parcel has any portion of the special permit zone, check with Development Services at the Building Resiliency Center to see if you are required to have an elevation survey performed prior to submitting for your building permit.

Additional Mapping Resources – If you need information on your zoning, soils information, land use and other details, please feel free to visit the Town of Paradise mapping page

Map Tips:

  • Tip 1: You can search by your address or APN.
  • Tip 2: Click on a parcel for survey details.
  • Tip 3: You may be able to save money by utilizing the same surveyor as your neighbor or adjacent property that has already been surveyed.
  • Tip 4: Your Architect/Engineer/Designer or Builder may be able to utilize the 2ft contour map layer to help better develop a foundation plan.