Our Mission

To support the long term rebuild efforts of Butte county's disaster affected residents, businesses, and workforce

Who is Rebuild Paradise?

In the short-term aftermath of the Camp Fire, our Executive Director, Charles Brooks and group of motivated Butte County residents, quickly became involved in rebuild efforts. Meeting with and seeking guidance from the Rebuild North Bay Foundation, it was clear we needed to create our own organization to support the rebuild efforts in Butte County by providing resources to residents, businesses, and workforce development. Out of this, Rebuild Paradise was born.

Why is Rebuild Paradise Here?

We are here to help rebuild Butte County after the Camp Fire and future disasters. We wish to rebuild our community to be safe, sustainable and bring back the vibrancy that once was.

Our Mission

To support the long term rebuild efforts of Butte County’s disaster affected residents, businesses and workforce.

Areas of Impact


Residents are the key to rebuilding Butte. Through resources and grants, we will attract, retain and incentivize the repopulation of residents to Butte County disaster affected areas.


To create a vibrant community, we wish to retain and incentivize the opening and reopening of businesses in Butte County disaster affected areas. We will do so through dissemination of information and grants to businesses in disaster areas in commercial zones.

Job Skills Programs

With jobs, especially in the trades, being in great demand before the fire, it is important now more than ever to help build and grow existing strong workforce development programs. We will help support the groups and individuals organizing and participating in the jobs programs that educate and train the next generation of trades people.


Utilizing the connections of Rebuild North Bay Foundation and Rebuild Paradise, we will leverage private sector knowledge and resources to assist a particular area of need local governments have identified. In our advocacy efforts, we will foster meetings between all parties with elected state officials.

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