Frequently Asked Questions

The Rebuild Paradise Foundation, professional design partners and sponsors are proud to bring you this online resource for a build in the Camp Fire footprint. The Residential Floor Plan Library is designed to help you save money and the time in designing a home. This Library allows you to view and get access to low cost* residential floor plans, their corresponding elevations, 3-D renderings (when available) and virtual reality walk throughs (when available). The following home designs have been master planned (as indicated in the plan description) to the standards set forth by the Town of Paradise and/or the County of Butte. Master planning will support the majority of properties. However, some challenging topographies, soils and site specifics may require additional design work outside of master planning.

  • 1. How are these floor plans different than others I see online?

    Floor plans that you find online will need to be engineered to meet California and Town of Paradise or Butte County code. You would most likely spend several thousand dollars and wait months of time for the floor plans you found to be customized for your property. Once those customized plans are submitted to the town or county, the plan will go through a traditional plan check. This process, again, will take time.

    If you decide to use a plan from Rebuild Paradise Foundation’s Floor Plan Library, you are saving thousands of dollars in design/engineering/architecture/ initial plan review expenses and months of time as they have already gone through plan check. Property owners will be responsible for all permit fees charged by the municipality.

  • 2. I don’t see a floor plan for the size home I’m wanting to build, when will you have more options available in the library?

    Rebuild Paradise Foundation is working with several design professionals to continually add plans to the Floor Plan Library. We are launching the program with one floor plan but have several others coming in 2020. Please remember that these plans are very generously donated and the process before launching each floor plan is quite involved. Check our website often for additions to the library or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the most up-to-date news. Your patience as we continue to expand the library is appreciated!

  • 3. Is there a certain criterion I have to meet in order to be eligible to use a floor plan?

    The Floor Plan Library is intended for the use of homeowner’s building an individual residence in the Camp Fire footprint. Rebuild Paradise Foundation, along with the several donors and sponsors of the program, realize that building after a disaster is not only overwhelming, but expensive. This program is intended to ease the mental hurdle and financial burden of bringing a rooftop back to the ridge and ultimately, benefit our long-term recovery. Please email if you have additional questions about your eligibility to use the Floor Plan Library for your build.

  • 4. How does using one of these floor plans save time and money?

    The floor plans in our library have already been through initial plan check with the Town of Paradise and Butte County (unless otherwise specified). Revisions and corrections for the house itself have been completed. We refer to this as “master planned.” Because the plan has been through plan check, you can expect a very expediated process when you submit your site plan for your permit.

    The floor plans you are viewing on our site have been very generously donated by the design professional at no cost. The only expense related to use of one of these floor plans, is to the design professional for your unique “site plan.” The “site plan” is property-specific (a drawing of how the property will sit on your property) and may require some additional engineering. This is required in order to submit for your building permit. This expense will be unique to your situation, Rebuild Paradise Foundation cannot estimate this cost for you. Please discuss this cost with the design professional you are working with during your first meeting. Further, property owners will be responsible for all permit fees charged by the municipality.

  • 5. What does “master-planned” mean?

    The term “master-planned” means that this home has already been through initial plan check with the Town of Paradise and/or Butte County. Revisions have been completed by the design professional. With the plan already through plan check, your approval process for permit issuance is sped up drastically and your cost for final plan check is reduced.

  • 6. Can I use one of these plans if I’ve never lived or owned in the Camp Fire footprint before?

    Yes, these floor plans are available to anyone building a residential home within the Camp Fire footprint, even if you are new to the area.

  • 7. Are there restrictions on where I can use these floor plans to build?

    The Floor Plan Library is for use within the Camp Fire footprint. If you are unsure if your property falls within the Camp Fire footprint, please use Cal Fire’s structure status map on The Camp Fire footprint is easily visible with a red outline and specific addresses are searchable. It is important to note that some challenging topographies, soils and site specifics may require additional design work outside of master planning.

  • 8. The floor plans say they are available at “low cost.” How much money does that mean they cost, who do I pay for one and at what point in the process do I have to pay?

    Thanks to the generosity of the design professionals, the floor plan as drawn is free.  The additional cost to make the house plan fit your unique property will add some cost.  Since each property is unique, we cannot provide an estimate on what your site plan creation cost will be.  This cost will be a fraction of what a normal house design process would be.  The cost you ultimately pay for your site plan and the timing for that payment will be agreed to between you and the design professional.

  • 9. I want to rebuild a rental property – can I use one of these plans for my rental?

    The program is intended for residential building of individual homeowners within the Camp Fire footprint. We recommend that you fill out our questionnaire and you will be connected with the design professional to discuss your build intentions directly.

  • 10. Can I use the floor plan library for more than one build?

    As this program is intended for residential building of individual homeowners, we recommend that you reach out to the design professional directly to discuss your build intentions/ideas directly. The design professional “owns” the plans and can speak to this question.

  • 11. If I’m interested in one of these floor plans, what do I do next?

    Please click the blue button correlated with the floor plan you are interested in titled “CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH THE DESIGN PROFESSIONAL.” A questionnaire will pop up and you will need to submit information in the required fields. Please allow at least 1 business day for a return email from the Rebuild Paradise Foundation with further instruction and introduction to the said design professional.

  • 12. I clicked the blue button to get “connected with the design professional” and filled out the questionnaire. Now what happens?

    You should receive a return email from Rebuild Paradise Foundation within 1 business day confirming receipt of your interest in a particular plan. Our staff will contact you directly prior to connecting you with the said design professional. Please allow the design professional at least 1 week to make contact and schedule a meeting. You will also be receiving a “Homework Sheet” from Rebuild Paradise and links to a directory of licensed contractors/builders.

  • 13. How do I know how much it might cost to build a house from the floor plan library?

    There are hundreds of variables in knowing how much a house may cost to build on your unique property. Many of these variables will depend on your contractor/builder and your finish choices. Rebuild Paradise Foundation cannot quote you a build price for these floor plans. With use of these plans, you will need to hire a contractor/builder of your choice.  We highly suggest you speak with at least three contractors for a bid with the plan you choose. Please also take some time to visit; here you can learn best practices for hiring a contractor and look up a contractor’s license. Directories for contractors in our area can be found at or or

  • 14. If I like a floor plan but want to change a few things about it, is that possible?

    We recommend that you speak directly to the design professional about the changes you would like to make, they can best advise you about how a change may impact the master planned process that has already occurred.

  • 15. How do I know if the floor plan I like will work on my property?

    The first step you can do in knowing whether or not a home will fit on your property, is to get a copy of your plot map from the Town of Paradise or Butte County. Your plot map will have your property dimensions marked. Also ask the TOP or County about your septic size, septic location, septic capacity and property setbacks. With this information about your property at hand, you can view the floor plan dimensions under “IMPORTANT DETAILS.” Remember, several of our plans are available as a flip, meaning the floor plan is available in reverse – garage on the left or garage on the right. Using these pieces of information, you may have a good idea if the floor plan will fit without meeting the design professional.

    Additionally, while the intention of master planning is to make these plans work for everyone, each property is unique and some variables like; lot size, snow load, geologic, soil type, and slope may not allow you to capture the full value of master planning.  The Design Professional who drew the plans can still work with you on a potential modification and engineering that will still save you time and money.

  • 16. Are the home exterior and interior finish choices customizable?

    The interior finish choices are completely customizable to your liking. Please work with your contractor/builder with those choices and remember the cost of your build can vary dramatically based on your finish choices. For any exterior finish changes, other than proposed on the master plan, please consult with your design professional. The design professional can best advise on how those changes may impact the process.

  • 17. If I use one of these plans to build my house, do I still have to pay permit fees with the Town of Paradise or Butte County?

    Use of the Floor Plan Library DOES NOT cover your building permit fees with the Town of Paradise or Butte County. For an estimate on building permit fees for a specific floor plan, please call the Town of Paradise or Butte County building department directly.

  • 18. What information do I need to have prepared before I meet with the design professional?

    There a five things that are extremely helpful for you to prepare before meeting with the design professional. 1. Know your property APN. If you do not know your APN, visit and search your address. The APN will be displayed as part of your search result. The APN can also be found on your property tax bill or by visiting and searching your address. 2. Retrieve a copy of your plot map from the Town of Paradise or Butte County. 3. Know your septic size/capacity 4. Know your existing septic location. 5. Know your property setbacks and easements. The Town of Paradise and Butte County building departments can help you retrieve all of this information.

    Additionally, Design Professionals are recommending that you have your septic system evaluated prior the first meeting.  This will help you understand if your septic system is functioning and usable for your build/rebuild.

  • 19. How can I utilize other resources from the Rebuild Paradise Foundation to increase my cost savings?

    The Rebuild Paradise Foundation has several potential cost saving programs to assist residents in the Camp Fire footprint. First, please see the information we have developed in regard to homeowner’s insurance on our website under the Resources > Insurance tab. Secondly, we have the Missing Middle Grant available that can reimburse a homeowner up to $5,000 for pre-construction costs such as architecture/engineering fees, survey costs, and water-related expenses. Please see the Grants page on our website (Resources > Grants) for more information and to download an application. We also have advanced mapping tools on our website, Resources > Mapping, where you can search your address and see if anyone in your neighborhood has had a property survey completed. If your neighbor has already completed their survey, it’s possible that by using the same survey company for your address, you may have a significant cost savings. Also, the two foot contour intervals filter on our map, may be very helpful to your home design professional.

  • 20. Will there be accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or tiny homes in the library eventually?

    Through many conversations with the rebuild community, Rebuild Paradise Foundation has heard much interest for ADUs or tiny home floor plans. Yes, our goal is to provide a smaller floor plan in the library. Currently, “The Flumes” master plan  is the only plan that meets the size criteria for an ADU.

  • 21. Can the floor plan I like be modified to accommodate the slope of my property?

    This is a discussion that you and the design professional will need to consider during your first meeting.

  • 22. Where can I go to find a contractor?

    If you are looking for a contractor or builder, we recommend you start by visiting Paradise Chamber of Commerce, and/or Valley Contractors Exchange, Both organizations have wonderful directories for contractors/builders/tradesmen. You can also visit

  • 23. I’m a design professional interested in donating a floor plan to your library, how can I get in touch with Rebuild Paradise Foundation?

    Thank you for your interest and dedication to helping our community recover. We would be more than happy to discuss the project with you further! Please email and we can set up a meeting.